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When I tell people I own my own business and work from home with a toddler AND a baby, I usually get confused stares. “But what do you DO all day?” So here, for inquiring minds, is a detailed account of exactly what it would look like if you took a walk in the shoes of this work-from-home mom.

1am Toddler’s crying. I rub his back until he falls back asleep.

4:30am My husband gets up for work. He wakes me up to tell me he accidentally shattered a glass in the kitchen – I should keep an eye out for stray shards.

6:10am The toddler stirs. Oh HECK no. He can wait until the sun comes up. I grab my phone and make sure I don’t have any emergency emails (I manage campaigns that involve moving parts in different time zones, so I constantly check that no fires need to be put out). All is well. I roll over and close my eyes.

7:15am Both kids are awake and blabbering at each other. I start the coffee maker and dish out food for the dogs.

7:30am Breakfast is eggs for me, blueberries for the toddler and mashed banana for the baby.

8:15am The kids watch Thomas while I emerge from my morning fog.

9am Kitchen clean-up while the kids play with the dogs. The baby hops in his bouncer and the toddler bangs on an overturned mixing bowl.

9:45am A bottle and tummy time for the baby while the toddler and I play trucks.

10:30am Naptime for the boys.

11am I guzzle some tea and focus on work. I have a TON of articles due tomorrow!

12:15pm The kids wake up. Lunch is a PB&J sandwich for the toddler, avocado for the baby. I can’t wait until they’re able to eat the same stuff. I nibble a banana and point the boys’ high chairs at each other so they can jabber while I take out the compost.

1pm Outside play. We walk a block down to the mailbox. The toddler scoots around on his tricycle while the baby swings. I do some research on my phone and start a craft for the blog.

2:30pm Snacktime for the toddler and a bottle for the baby. I heat up leftovers for myself.

3pm Afternoon nap for the boys while I get some more work done.

5pm Wakey wakey! They play with blocks while I prep food for the whole family.

5:45pm Dinner is chicken nuggets for the toddler, pureed carrots and a bottle for the baby.

6:15pm Casserole goes in the oven and the boys get a bath.

7pm Bedtime for the little ones. Nate comes home and I snap some photos for an article before we eat dinner.

8pm We catch up on Breaking Bad while I respond to emails on my laptop.

10pm Nate heads to bed, I wrap up more work.

11:45pm I’m done!

What does a day in your shoes look like?

3 Responses to A Day in the Life of a Work-from-Home Mom

  1. Beth says:

    Thankful for this post as I am a new mom & also work from home. It’s hard trying to fit everything in one day with just 1 little one – I can’t imagine 2, but sounds like you’re doing a great job!

  2. Stevie says:

    When do you have time for your marriage? That’s important too? I’m just curious. Spending quality time with my hubby is important to me. I’m just wondering where that fits in your schedule.

    • Hey Stevie – We have a somewhat unusual situation in that my husband works 12-14 hour shifts, 3-4 days per week. We’ve accepted that there won’t be a ton of quality time spent on those work days, as we’re both pretty dang exhausted! The upside is that on his days off, we have plenty of time together as a family and do manage to squeeze in date night often.

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