I recently wrote a detailed timeline of a typical day (if there is such a thing as a mom!) in my life as a mom of two. After re-reading it I realized it sounds a bit depressing to non-parents. That’s because it missed some of the wonderful moments as parents we get to enjoy. So here’s those precious, proud, laughable, and successful moments that I get to enjoy as a stay at home mom.

Although my wonderful angel baby may make me miss sleep there is nothing better than having a baby fall asleep in your arms. Their soft breathing and cooing is so soothing it lulls me to want to cuddle them and fall asleep myself.

baby sleeping

There is such pride when my son remembers something I have taught him, especially with regards to obedience. His obedient heart melts mine and affirms that I an training him correctly. It’s those days when I get a lot of “I LOVE you Mommy!” and neck wrenching hugs that make up for the tough ones filled with tantrums and meltdowns.

his obedient heart melts mine and affirms I am training him correctly

his obedient heart melts mine and affirms I am training him correctly

We all have moments as parents that just make you laugh. Kids truly do say the darndest things. It’s been such fun to see my toddler grow in his expression and vocabulary.  Turning words such as ‘instigator’ into ‘inscondensor’ makes me smile every time. And then there was the time when I got angry on the freeway from being cut off and I hear a small voice in the backseat say, “Does he need consequences?” Of course there are also the parent fails where you just throw up your hands and laugh.

Size 6 month onsie

I wasn’t prepared for the water and sand at the park so Little Man was going to go home in just a diaper until he insisted on wearing his brothers’ 6 month size onsie.

Some of the best times as a parent are when you see your child succeed. Whether it be mastering a new skill or fear or just maturing into the man you are helping him become.  I shared about my sons’ first trip to the dentist. He did GREAT and proved what a big boy he is by sitting still long enough for a full cleaning and inspection. Both the dentist and I were impressed at how well he did.

Little Man and his Dentist. He was so thrilled with his balloon and toy lizard (in his hand)

Little Man and his Dentist. He was so thrilled with his balloon and toy lizard (in his hand)

Even though Punkin is only 4.5 months old I have already seen him master new skills such as rolling over and reaching out to grab items. I know these things aren’t that big a deal but when it’s your own kid it makes you beam with pride.

He started rolling over at 3 months and hasn't stopped!

He started rolling over at 3 months and hasn’t stopped!

I have always said what I love most about being a parent is watching learning in action. What a wonderful example these boys are to me to never stop learning or challenging myself.

What do you love most about being a parent?


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  1. Jennifer Nishizaki says:

    It doesn’t matter how awful my mood is, all my girlie has to do is come over to me with a big smile on her face and I’m feeling a lot better all of a sudden!! Bonus points if she giggles or hugs my legs.

  2. Cari says:

    Great post!

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