Fourth of July weekend found my little family of four enjoying a long weekend at the family cabin in the mountains. This little one room log cabin with mismatched furniture, a large cast iron stove and blue enamelware plates and bowls is one of our family’s favorite places to be. Over our long weekend trip we had plenty of fun little adventures. Splashing in the creek, nature scavenger hunts, seeing a mama moose and her baby and swinging on the large A-frame swing. Among our most exciting adventures was our family hike.

Hiking with baby

We set out from the cabin after breakfast with our picnic lunch, Kelty backpack, camera and plenty of enthusiasm. When we pulled up to the trail we were greeted by the remains of a log cabin and a hillside covered in beautiful yellow flowers. These were good signs of what was to come. We took a few minutes before heading off on our adventure to take a family photo, the four of us posed on the side off a hill surrounded by wildflowers.

babywearing adventures

My husband, Luke, got to wear our one-year-old in the backpack. Since she was just a tiny newborn last summer, this summer has given her her first experience riding in the backpack. With grabby one-year-old hands, Daddy’s hat and ears proved to be fun entertainment every now and then. She loved hiking through the woods. She kept her eyes on her sister whenever she could and happily signed bird when she’d hear birds chirping out in the trees.

babywearing adventures

About halfway through our hike we came upon another old time log cabin left behind years ago. Happening upon things like this make hiking in the national forest, where the cabin is, a treat. We love stumbling on history during family outings. Throw in some animal tracks and scat and we had quite a lot to see and talk about.

hiking with a baby

When we reached the end of the trail we enjoyed a picnic lunch and some time to rest before setting off back to our Jeep. The baby had a blast on the hike and promptly fell asleep in her car seat on the way back to the cabin. We’re all looking forward to our next babywearing hiking adventure.

hiking with a toddler

Do you like to hike as a family? What is your favorite way to carry baby while hiking?


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