I’m still in a little bit of shock at what transpired at our house on Monday. It was a scary reminder at how our lives could have changed in an instant! Thankfully, everyone is fine. In fact, I didn’t even know anything had happened until hours later. And, it’s all because of a little $5 the furniture strap! Here’s the story…

We were headed to a playdate with friends when I told the boys to grab their socks and shoes. They usually have some right downstairs, so I didn’t think anything of it when Little Brother (who is just shy of 3) came to me with a mismatching pair of socks that he wanted to put on. We happily headed out the door to our playdate. Little did I know how different the day could have been. When we got home I noticed that the light was on in their room (I had missed that before we left). And, when I walked into their room, this was the scene (messy room & all):Tipping DresserIt took me a second to process what I was seeing. Then, I realized it…the dresser was tipping over. I don’t know what happened, but my assumption is that Little Brother opened one of the bottom drawers to stand on in order to see into the sock drawer. And, my heart sank. And, I fought back tears. And, I then felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude for a little $5 piece of baby proofing equipment!Furniture StrapThat little furniture strap prevented a very possible tragedy. When we installed it, I wasn’t convinced that something so cheap, with plastic edges could possibly support a dresser. Honestly, I figured we’d never know for sure. It’s SO easy to think that “it won’t happen to you”. But, it happened to us. And, that little strap held. It held for more than 7 hours! I can say with absolute 100% certainty that it is the best $5 we have ever spent. Falling DresserHad that strap not been there, instead of a dresser suspended, that dresser would have easily been on top of the adorable little 2-year who I spend my days with. And, with that thought, I’m overcome with emotion. Tears streaming down my face. I am SO grateful.

I’ve written about the topic of furniture safety here on the Right Start blog before. I just didn’t realize that only a few months later, I would have my own story to tell with it. I am so thankful that moms who have experienced the tragedy of furniture accidents publicly shared their stories. It was after reading little Tiggy’s story that I was finally convicted to take care of affixing furniture to the wall in the first place. Then, just recently, I read Meggie’s story. After reading that & now what happened to us, we’ll be adding furniture straps to some smaller furniture pieces that I didn’t even think would be an issue. Thanks to these moms sharing their grief, our little guy is safe today.

So, if you don’t If you don’t have your furniture fixed to the wall and you have little ones, please do it..now! Tomorrow. This weekend! I know accidents can happen anytime, but this is preventable. The prevention cost is CHEAP and my story is proof that it works!

Is the furniture in YOUR house attached to the wall?

13 Responses to A $5 furniture strap prevented a possible tragedy!

  1. Catherine says:

    I’m so glad this story had a happy ending. It’s amazing that the strap held for so long. Wow.

  2. We have the same furniture straps, and I am certain they have prevented many a tragedy!

  3. Tracey says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! Installing ours this weekend!

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Sara! What kind of strap did you buy and where can I get some?

    • Right Start actually sells some, which I linked to in the post. But, I see that they are now out of stock. You can find furniture straps though just about anywhere that sells baby safety/baby proofing items. Many hardware stores even have a baby proofing section.

  5. Susan Ridgway says:

    I had a neighbor who lost one of her 2 year old twins in that exact scenario. He stepped into a drawer to reach something up high. You were so very smart to install the strap.

  6. I really need to strap my furniture to the wall. We haven’t had a baby in the house for so long that we aren’t childproofed at all anymore. Thanks for the reminder to put this on my list.

  7. Thank God you had that strap! My sister had a tall dresser in my two-year-old nephew’s bedroom without any kind of anchoring. He tried to climb it one day, and I will NEVER forget the phone call when she told me that the dresser had fallen on him. In his case he was lucky to fall at just the right angle and the handles on the dresser stuck out just enough that he was not seriously injured. He came away with a broken arm and some nasty bruises. He could easily have been killed. They have since bolted the dresser to the wall, but I was very frustrated that they did not consider doing anything before. This is a fairly common occurrence that all parents should be aware of!

  8. Kathy Laird says:

    I just shared this on my facebook page. I have a 15 month old granddaughter. You had better believe that I will be buying and installing these before her next visit! Just because they weren’t around when my children were little, doesn’t mean that we should take any chances now.

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