As the mom of an adorable eight-week-old baby girl I speak from experience when I say new moms are often over-tired, over-worked and overwhelmed. I also know first hand how guilty new moms feel asking for help. And so a lot of times they don’t. Listed below you’ll find 9 easy ways to give a new mom a helping hand.

1. Bring a healthy and filling meal or two that the new parents can easily heat up and eat. It is easy for a new parent to order a pizza, but a homemade meal is so much better.

2. Wash the dishes in the sink, put a load of laundry in the wash or offer to vacuum the living room. New moms often feel overwhelmed with taking care of the baby and the list of things begging to be done around the house.

3. Offer to take older siblings to the park or on a bike ride. Kids get stir crazy and they’ll be thrilled to get out and have some fun. Plus mom and dad will thank you.

4. Take Fido or Rufus for a walk. Dogs get stir crazy too.

5. Cookies are fun but skip the sweets and treats and bring over healthy snacks. Fresh fruit, trail mix, granola bars, and pre cut veggies are all great. New moms are usually running on little sleep and easy healthy snacks will help keep them fueled to take care of their little bundle of cuteness.

6. Ask if there are any errands to be taken care of. Babies surprise us and sometimes we don’t get all the ‘to dos’ done before the baby arrives. A quick trip to the post office, a run by the dry cleaner or a stop by the library to drop off books will go a long way to help.

7. Once the baby is fed push mom towards her bed for a nap. Let her know you will wake her if she is needed. Even a short nap can go a long way. Most moms will not take a nap while you are there unless you make them. So make them.

8. If you bring a gift for baby, bring a little something for big brother or sister. Even a dollar store toy helps lessen the blow of watching the baby get all the attention for a young kid who is still adjusting to having a baby around the house.

9. Most importantly, tell Mom she is doing a wonderful job. It’s hard and emotional work to be a new mom. It does wonders to get a little encouragement.

What are your favorite ways to give support to new moms?

7 Responses to 9 ideas on how to help a new Mom

  1. The best gift we received when we brought home our 1st baby was a house cleaning gift certificate! That was so much better than another box of diapers.

    • CatherineM says:

      Lucky you! My husband and I recently decided our go to baby shower gift is going to be a gift certificate for house cleaning from now on because we knew we would have loved to get one too.

  2. I agree on the naps. The first month of each boy were a blur of tiredness!

  3. jillsimonian says:

    You hit it! FOOD is the BEST thing anyone can bring a new mom. I only wish I knew that before I had babies so that I could’ve done it for my friends who ventured before me!!!

  4. What great ideas! I especially like the dog walking or doing the dishes in the sink ones. Some new things I will have to add to my repertoire.

  5. Binta W says:

    Dog walking was an awesome idea – gave that gift to my bestie today and she loved it (plus I got the benefit of cuddling her little guy)!!
    It seems like such a simple thing but you never realize how the small stuff like offering to walk the dog gets overlooked.

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