Keeping kids healthy

With a new walker his hands touch EVERYTHING! (and yes I wiped them after the carousel ride)

We have a preschooler and an almost one year old. Needless to say, we have GERMS! Both of them touch EVERYTHING, and with a thumb sucker I have even more trouble keeping germs at bay. In an effort to avoid viruses flying around, I try to employ all of these tips to keep us healthy and active.

7 Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy During Flu Season

  1. Hand washing – I know this should go without saying, but it’s not an obvious one for kids. If we don’t teach them healthy habits, who will? My husband taught Little Man how to wash his own hands utilizing one of his favorite shows “Special Agent OSO” and his ‘3 Special Steps’. I’ve heard Little Man calling out his steps as he washes in the bathroom.
  2. Disinfecting wipes – I use so many of these I should buy stock in the company. We aren’t always around a sink and after playing at the park, riding the carosel or after pick up from preschool. In these situations, wipes are my go-to tool. Since I have a baby who sucks his thumb, I stay away from hand sanitizer or anything with too much alcohol.
  3. Pump the Vitamin C – How lucky are we that flu season coincides with Orange season! This is the best time to get great citrus, and both my boys love little tangerines. If your kid isn’t fond of oranges you can always try freshly squeezed citrus juice. Juice is a treat in our home so Little Man will take any juice we give him and he will suck it down.
  4. Vitamins – Toddlers are notorious for poor eating habits. Some days I’m lucky if I can get him to eat a single vegetable. I began using Gummy Vites from Trader Joes and Little Man loves them. They look like candy and he thinks of them as a treat. He even reminds me when it’s time to take his vitamins.
  5. Keep doorknobs and surfaces clean – I try to keep disinfecting wipes on hand throughout the house for quick clean ups. Any time I am in need of a distraction for my toddler I give him the job of wiping down every doorknob in the house. He loves having a task to complete and I get a healthier home.
  6. Teach the elbow cough – Even with our best efforts our kids will inevitably get sick. It’s our job to teach them appropriate ways to handle runny noses and coughs to keep germs at bay. We taught Little Man to blow his nose by the age of 2 1/2, and the elbow cough shortly after. It doesn’t always work, but at least he tries to keep his germs to himself.
  7. Get enough sleep! – When kids are tired, their immune systems are more likely to get run down.  Preschoolers still need 10 to 12 hours of sleep a night. So keeping a steady bedtime helps your kids be at their best to fend off all the bugs they encounter.

What do you do to keep your family healthy during flu season?




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