Fall is a great time of year- and often the most popular time of year- to get those family photos taken. The changing leaves, cooler weather that allows for slightly more formal outfits, lovely afternoon light and the proximity to holiday card time all make fall a great time for pictures. I’m lucky enough to be married to a fantastic photographer but nonetheless over the years we’ve learned a thing or two about taking fun family photos where everyone looks good and no one is having a meltdown. So before you head out with your whole family in tow to capture shots of your family you’ll be thrilled to slap onto a holiday card or into a frame to give to grandma and grandpa there are some family photo tips you simply must know.

family photo tips

7 tips for Fantastic Family Photos

1. If you are using a professional photographer it is important to book as soon as possible to give time for the shoot, the photo processing, printing and card making before the holidays sneak up on you.

2. When scheduling your shoot be sure to keep your families needs in mind. Schedule a time that works with meal times and nap times and if you know your kiddo is happiest at a certain time of day aim for that.

3. Put a little thought into wardrobe. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to have you family in matching tops and bottoms. In other words if you’re all wearing the same exact colors you’ll probably end up looking like you’re in uniforms and your personalities won’t show as much. Pick a color palate that will add some life to your photos by choosing colors that go well together. If you need some ideas Pinterst is a great place to find family photo inspiration.

4. As importantly as picking clothing in colors that work well together and add excitement to your photographs is to pick clothing you and your family will actually be comfortable in. If your daughter hates dresses a family photo where you’re hoping for smiles is not the time to try to change her mind.

5. Think about location. As I mentioned before fall is a great time of year for photos. Changing leaves are a beautiful backdrop. Crisp green grass, exposed urban brick, unique stairs, clear blue lakes and flower filled fields are all beautiful and fun ways to add character to your photos.

6. On the day of the shoot make sure everyone is well fed and rested before your photo shoot. This does not just apply to the children. Make sure you are well rested too.

7. Relax and have fun. More often than not the candid photos of a family happily interacting are far more perfect than posed pictures. Go with the flow and if you have an idea for a fun shot don’t be afraid to make a suggestion to your photographer.

Have you had family photographs taken this year? Do you have any family photo tips to share?

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