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New parents always imagine shiny holiday decor and a picture-perfect Thanksgiving scene laid out with their children WEEKS before the big event. The real-life version tends to involve last-minute boxed stuffing and spit-up, with little time left to worry about festive fringe. Here are some quick Thanksgiving decor ideas that whip up faster than you can pop the top off those canned cranberries.

Leverage Halloween Stuff
Leftover pumpkins, witchy cauldrons and stuffed scarecrows make an easy transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

Bring the Seasons Inside
Grab some fallen leaves, pinecones and dried grass for a simple but festive display found right in your own backyard.

Construction Paper
Grab some red, yellow and brown colors and go to town with traditional turkey hand cutouts or decorative leaf accents. Involve your kiddos for some endearing homemade craftiness.

Edible Interest
Nab some cool-looking gourds and dried corn for a quick grocery store cornucopia. Sentimental guests will appreciate the traditional vibe.

Baskets Aplenty
For a fun update to the traditional Thanksgiving platters, prepare pretty baskets to hold your rolls and cookies.

Flower Power
Throw a bouquet on the table and call it a day. Even a simple gathering of seasonal flowers adds some great festivity to any occasion.

Fancy Fabrics
Incorporate table runners or place mats for an instantly put-together look that will impress the most finicky of in-laws.

If all else fails, you can always nab leftover Thanksgiving decor from the office party and pass them off as your own.

How do you use household goods and quick add-on items to up the festivity in your home?

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