Summer! It’s getting hot, people. Raise your hand if you DON’T have a pool. (Raised.) No problem. Even though toddlers get extra-antsy in the summertime (But I want to go swimming mama!), all of us pool-less parents can keep our tots fully occupied and cool under the summer sun. (Just don’t tell my husband… I still want that pool one day.)

Grab your sunscreen, and try some of these fabulous and personally-tested tricks:

1) BLOW BUBBLES. In the shade. (Duh. The obvious.)

2) TAG YOUR SIDEWALK. Remember how much you loved chalk as a kid? (I did.) My courtyard is colorful and fully-tagged… it’s starting to look like some serious territory that you do NOT want to cross.

3) SPRAY WATER EVERYWHERE. Use the garden hose, squirt guns, sprinklers, whatever. Just make sure you’re completely obnoxious about it, and scream a lot (sorry neighbors, it’s most fun that way). Plastic pool and bathing suits optional.


4) WASH WASH WASH. Got any of those ‘”toddler car mobiles” taking over your patio? Wash ‘em! With a hose, real soap and a sponge, you can skip bath time that night. Or, fill up a huge bin and wash your bath toys… and plastic fruit and veggies… and My Little Ponies.

5) MAKE SNACK TIME A PICNIC. This quickly turned into a daily ritual every afternoon last summer. I was shocked at what a hit it is with my girls (you’d think this is the only time I ever let them out of the house the way they respond to it). Beach towels, Cheerios, fruit and popsicles… on the front lawn.


6) DO A TREASURE HUNT. Think “Easter Bunny Hunt” without the actual Easter Bunny or eggs.

7) TAKE A BATH IN BATHING SUITS. My little ladies squeal at the mere thought of putting on their “princess-swimsuits” – who cares if you’re not in a pool? Turn the faucet to cool, splash around with toys and buckets, and no one will even realize that you’re not actually IN a real pool. If you really want to take up a notch, take buckets of water from the bathtub outside (still in the swimsuits) and then make mud pies in the dirt. Yup. Time for another bath after that. But you’ve gotta admit, it kills time! Pretty cool, huh?

What fun tricks do you have up your sleeve this summer? 

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  1. Jenilia says:

    My kid is studying in Sunnybrook school at Toronto. She gets bored when she sits alone at home for her vacations. She loves video games but I don’t like her sitting in from of it for a long time. These ideas seem to be fun. Thanks for the blog!

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