The holiday season is the perfect time to set the tone on generosity, sharing and charitable giving for your family. It’s never too early to get kids involved in charitable giving. Even very young children can be set on the path to a generous and charitable life. The very best way to get your kids started off on a life-time of giving is by leading through example and getting them involved in philanthropy and giving from an early age. Even a little bit goes a long way and there are a number of ways to actively give as a family, you just have to find the option or options that fit your family best!

Get kids involved in charitable giving

7 great ways to get kids involved in charitable giving:

Volunteer time. Help your elderly neighbor shovel snow or rake leaves, walk dogs at an animal shelter or serve meals at a soup kitchen.

Do a service project. Work as a family to cleanup a park, set a goal to gather winter coats for those in need or collect canned goods for a local food pantry.

Bake cookies or treats for neighbors, friends, service workers or volunteers for

Donate change. Not everyone has a lot of money to spare but even spare change can make a difference. Children especially can take part in donating some of their hard-earned money from their piggy banks to school change drives, the Salvation Army or even places of worship.

Shop for those in need. Giving things to children their own age helps children to grasp the differences some children experience in life. Picking out a toy or book to donate to a charitable organization for a child in need.

Donate old toys and clothes. Passing loved clothes and toys along with the knowledge they’ll be going to very deserving children gives children a gratifying sense of power over their giving and usually results in the donation pile growing larger as the excitement grows.

Make and send cards or care packages. Handmade cards or care packages are a perfect way to show gratitude to soldiers or those in hospitals or nursing homes. Handmade cards are a simple but wonderful way to spread much-needed smiles.

How do you teach your kids about giving, generosity and charity?

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