Each day as Earth Day rolls around I take time to think about what ways I’m introducing and modeling Earth-friendly behaviors. Earth Day is April 22 each year, and it is fun to have some Earth Day themed fun I try to make green and Earth Friendly living a habit and not a one day a year occurrence.

7 Every day ways to teach kids about Earth Day

1. Go Reusable: As a mom I know my example speaks volumes about what I want my girls to learn from me. We use reusable shopping bags, cloth napkins, and reusable lunch and snack bags. They are small habits but I hope they rub off as completely normal to my daughters.

2. Make is natural: Cleaning products are filled with dangerous chemicals and while kids don’t always know what ingredients make up all-purpose cleaner they can tell the difference in smells. Using natural cleaners is not only a thing to demonstrate but also a great way to make a health home environment for your children.


3. Grow your own: Get your kids involved in growing a family garden. Not only will this encourage kids to try new fruits and vegetables growing food teaches kids so much about caring for plants, soil, and seeds.

4. Recycle: I’m not talking about putting your empty cereal boxes, and egg cartons in the recycle bin – although that is absolutely an important thing to do. I mean recycle things into your house to give them new life, which is upcycle as some people call it. Use those can tops to make an ABC game, turn toilet paper tubes into shaker instruments, or make some puppets out of mismatched socks. Do so will teach your kids that new is not always better and that even old “junk” turn into amazing things.

5. Check it out: Head to the library and check out a few books about Earth Day, recycling, gardening, the water cycle, or even litter.

6. Clean up: Encourage your children to pick up litter while out and about, and always insist on cleaning up trash after yourselves while out and about.

7. Limit water: At some point as a small child, basically eons ago, I saw a Sesame Street clip where a child was brushing their teeth with the water running while the water level in a pond with a little fish slowly lowered and lowered until the fish had run out of room to swim. I know it’s a simplified look at how we get our water but the point stuck with me. Take baths, dish washing, tooth brushing as opportunities to teach children about responsible water use.

In what every day ways do you teach your kids about being Earth-friendly and Earth Day?

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  2. Jenilia says:

    Waste management is a very important topic that we must focus. It is important to educate the kids about the relevance of waste management in present scenario.

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