six things to pack for the pool

Temperatures are rising! Beat the heat with a trip to the pool, where kids can cool off while having fun with friends and neighbors. Here’s what to put in your pool bag this summer.

We go for SPF 50 or above. Maximum protection is important for little ones’ sensitive skin. Cool advancements in recent years have actually made it possible to spray sunscreen onto your little ones and avoid the greasy application process. You can even apply some types of sunscreen directly onto wet skin, so there’s no excuse not to block those harmful rays.

Swim Diapers
If you have little ones who aren’t fully potty-trained, steer clear of accidents with special diapers made to contain accidents without absorbing too much liquid.

On its own, the pool is enjoyable. With toys, the pool is a blast! Stock up on blow-up balls and floaty games to keep the fun going all day.

Extra Towels
Kids are bound to spill something or need an extra towel for toting toys or building a poolside fort. Bonus: parents can use these to prop their heads up while they kick back and relax.

Swimming in the hot sun works up an appetite. Don’t forget to bring pool-friendly snacks like chips, sandwiches and fruit snacks. Keep water bottles on-hand for hydration, too.

Water glare can be brutal. Protect your eyes with polarized sunglasses and hats for the whole crew. Even if your kid usually refuses to keep them on, they may have a change of heart mid-day when the brightness gets overwhelming.

What are you packing for the pool this summer? Do you head to a community pool, your own backyard, or a friend’s house?

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2 Responses to 6 Things to Pack for the Pool

  1. We just went swimming yesterday and I forgot to bring snacks!

  2. heyo says:

    i always over pack!

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