Warning: This post might spook you. I’ve never been one to go crazy for Halloween, but as my girls get older and more into the costumes (and candy), I’m learning how to say “Boo!” a whole lot better than I used to. Before babies, I really didn’t care for Halloween. Figuring out a costume was pressure I wasn’t interested in. Even just last year, I remember writing about how ‘over it’ I was before it even came. But now… I’m starting to see the light… or… darkness, I guess. Funny how wild toddlers can change your mind about so many things.

Some of my newly-minted house rules here come Halloween time? Be scared:

1) EAT THE CANDY. Just eat it. Don’t pretend that you’re monitoring how much sugar intake is acceptable for one day… it’s ONE day. Eat the candy and get over it. (And let your kids eat the candy too!)  🙂

2) COORDINATE THE COSTUMES. This year, I’ve got two busy bees to contend with… so I guess that makes me a farmer. (Hey, I tried to find a beekeeper’s hat and net, but didn’t get that far. Farmers deal with bees… right?)



3) TRICK OR TREAT IN *YOUR* NEIGHBORHOOD. Not just for the candy, but also to get to know your neighbors! How many times do people really visit each other these days? Not often enough in LA. What other time of year can you knock on your neighbor’s door, say hi and share a Snickers? I’m not ashamed to say I use Halloween to reconnect with the community that I live in. (And also for the candy…)

4) LIGHT YOURSELF UP. This one’s both a safety and fun issue. I like to put something on my girls that will alert other people that they’re coming (passers by, running teenagers, cars). My favorite tools of the moment are those light-up kids kicks that shoot off LED lights every time they walk around (we like Skechers Twinkle Toes). Glow-sticks worn as bracelets and/or necklaces and/or glow-in-the-dark clothing (or even just good old fashioned mini-flashlights hanging from their trick-or-treat bags) work too.

You should see these babies light up in the dark. Watch out! Skechers.com

You should see these babies light up in the dark. Watch out! Skechers.com

5) PARADE AROUND IN YOUR COSTUME ALL DAY. (This concept personally discovered in 2011. I think it makes the hours pass quicker?) I’ve taken ladybugs to the grocery store, Minnie Mouse shopping… and most recently took my bees to a Japanese restaurant just a few days ago (after a costume party). Toddlers in costume are acceptable all week long… no matter where you’re headed.

6) DON’T OPEN YOUR DOOR AFTER 8PM. It IS Halloween, people… and I’ve watched enough horror movies to know that trick or treaters should be no more than 4 feet tall and finished with their door-to-door activities by 8pm (pretty sure that all the sugar makes them crash). And I’m a huge chicken with an overly-active imagination. BE SAFE!


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