Making mom friendsWhen you become a mom, you expect certain things to change. As a new mom though, I didn’t realize how much my social life would change. I stayed in touch with my childless friends but found that I needed to find other moms who understood the stage of life I was in.

Finding new mom friends can be a bit like dating though, awkward first dates and all. The good news is it gets easier.

Here are my favorite ways to break the ice and find moms with similar interests:

Find a Local Playgroup

Playgroups are a great way to get together with moms who are in the same stage of life as you are and it’s usually easier than you think to find one local to you. Ask any of your current mom friends if they are part of any playgroups that you could join. It will be easier to jump in if you already know someone. You can also check out for groups that would be a good fit.  I’ve found several groups online that meet locally and met some great moms through those.

If you don’t find a playgroup that fits your needs, jump in and start one of your own.

Attend Classes

A great way to find other moms with similar interests is to attend classes. Look for parenting classes through your community center or community college. Don’t forget about classes for your kids too. I’ve met lots of moms while waiting for my kids to get out of an extracurricular activity.

Get to Know your Neighbors

If you are lucky enough to live in a neighborhood with plenty of kids around, make an effort to get to know the families. Find a neighbor with kids about the same age as yours and invite them over for a summer barbeque. Walk the neighborhood with your kids and make small talk with any neighbors that you run into along the way. Having a mom friend who lives close by is great because it makes it easy to stay in touch.

Hang Out at the Library

Our local library has all kinds of events for moms, including everything from story hour to brining in therapy dogs and allowing kids to practice their reading skills by reading to the dogs. I know many moms who love to use the library as a way to just get out of the house and will often spend time reading books in the children’s section. Go hang out and be friendly if you run into another mom. You never know when you’ll find someone you’ll mesh with.

Have a Potluck Lunch

I had a friend years ago who was great about expanding her social circle. Every few weeks she would invite two of her friends and their kids over for a potluck lunch date. These friends were from different areas of her life so they didn’t know each other and it was a great way to branch out and meet new friends.

If you don’t know many moms in your area you could do this with a bit of a twist by inviting one friend and asking them to invite another.

How do you like to meet new mom friends? 

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Sign up to be the room mom or ask the PTO how you can get involved!

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