First of all, congratulations! However you became a mother, you did it! You have very much earned this day, and subsequent Mother’s Days from now until the end of time. Mother’s Day is a day that celebrates all we do as moms. Your first Mother’s Day is an extra special one, so make sure to celebrate in a way you’ll never forget. Here are five ideas for celebrating your first Mother’s Day.

first mothers day

1. Get photos taken. We usually do professional photos done to celebrate a birthday, a new baby, or maybe one of the big holidays. A mini-session of Mommy & Me photos is a wonderful way to always treasure your first Mother’s Day.

2. Spend time with your mom – and grandma too. Bring your new baby along and spend the day with the matriarchs in your family. They may share some advice with you, and you get to share your new joy with them.

3. Make something together. Babies technically aren’t very good at crafts, but they can lend their tiny hand print or foot print for a project that will perfectly capture your first Mother’s Day.

4. Have a fancy meal. Whichever meal you choose – my favorite is Brunch – make it a fancy one. Get dressed up and go out as a family. If your little one doesn’t quite have their restaurant manners yet, you can eat at home in your dapper duds.

5. Snuggle as long as you want. The best part about Mother’s Day is that no one expects you to do any work. So relish it, stay in bed and snuggle your little one all day if you feel like it. And you can snuggle your partner too, I guess.

How do you celebrate Mother’s Day?

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