It’s been almost three months since having baby #2 and I’ve yet to set my foot in a gym or start eating better (the eating for two argument no longer holds up even if I’m nursing). But it’s now 2014 and I have no more time for excuses! So here are my 5 strategies for losing baby weight (or at least some of it!):

1. Buddy up – I don’t know about you, but I’m far more motivated to exercise when I have someone to do it with. If you set a time with a friend to meet up it greatly eliminates those last-minute excuses that often keep us from working out. It’s a lot harder to flake on someone rather than yourself.

2. Make time – Easier said than done, I know. Especially with two. But there are programs out there like Stroller Strides where you can bring your baby (and toddler!) with you while you workout. Or make use of the childcare at your gym. Or, if you’re so inclined, workout at home and use your baby as a weight (just kidding… kind of.)

3. Plan ahead –  This seems to be the key to most things involving kids, and diet and exercise are no exception. If you’re planning on going to the gym early in the morning, lay out your clothes right down to your socks and shoes the night before. Plan meals for the week ahead of time, cut up any fruits and veggies you want to have on hand, and have healthy on-the-go snacks ready to just grab out of the fridge. The less you have to do to meet your goals during the week, the better.

4. Ditch the guilt –  Many moms feel guilty for taking any time for themselves, but just remember that a happy and healthy mom equals a happy family.

5. Get help – For many people, a program like Weight Watchers (they even have one specifically for nursing moms!) is the additional push they need to really get their lifestyle change in full swing. While you’re brain-dead from being a mom all day, these programs will structure and lay things out for you making food planning one less thing to think about.

Are there any other things you do that help you stay motivated to shed your baby weight? 


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  1. NoAdditives says:

    You actually need to eat more while breastfeeding than you do during pregnancy. You need 300 extra calories during pregnancy and 500-600 while breastfeeding.

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