After a failed attempt at potty training about a year ago, we decided to let our 2.5-year-old lead the way and just wait until she was ready. Turns out she’s ready today. Up until now she’s used her Baby Bjorn potty a handful of times and expressed fear over sitting on the “big potty.” Then one day, out of the blue, she told me she wanted to put on her ladybug panties and that she had to use the potty. And off she went! Success! So as we embark on this new journey, here are five items I’m finding essential to our continued success.

potty training

1. Cute underwear – Taking my daughter on a special lunch date to eat mac n’ cheese and pick out her own underwear definitely ramped up the excitement. While the first few days home she still didn’t want to put them on and asked for her diaper, she loved to carry them around and proudly show them off to all who entered our home. And now when she wakes up in the morning, she can’t wait to put them on! And stock up, because accidents do and will happen those first few days.

2. A special treat – Whatever you pick – ours was naturally-dyed jellybeans from Trader Joe’s – pick a treat that they’re not used to getting so it’s really motivating. We give her a jellybean if she just sits on the potty, even if nothing happens, and another if she actually goes. She loves picking out the color she’s going to get.

3. A potty seat – If you’re just thinking about starting potty training, a piece of advice that we received was to forgo the baby potty all together, and just start right away with getting them used to sitting on the big one (with a special seat on top, of course!) or else you’ll be training them two different times. We like the Prince Lionheart potty seat because it has no crevices making it super easy to clean, and so far, our daughter has found it really comfortable.

4. A step stool – Unless you want to have to put your kid on the potty all the time by picking them up, a step stool is a great investment. It gives them a sense of independence and comes in handy for a variety of other tasks like hand washing, or helping in the kitchen.

5. Books, books and more books – I swear my daughter will sit on the potty forever as long as someone is reading a book to her, so stock up. There are tons of great potty-themed ones, but any old book (or ten) will do!

And while it’s not a must-have, I find that inventing a silly potty dance never hurts. And the sillier, the better. Who knows how long it’ll prove to be entertaining/motivating, but I’ll keep wiggling until it stops serving its purpose!

Are there any other potty training essentials you would recommend? Please do share!

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