Pumpkin PaintingThere are so many opportunities to create family memories and establish traditions during the fall season. I used to dread the changing of the seasons because it meant winter was on its way, but I’ve learned to embrace Fall with its return to routines and the festive anticipation of upcoming holidays.

Need some ideas for family activities this fall? Here are our top picks for fall fun:

Visit a U-Pick as a Family

Fall is prime apple season. You could just get your apples from the grocery store, but that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun as picking them yourself. Check out a local U-Pick farm to pick apples (or any other fall produce that you can find)! Your kids will have a blast and you’ll get some super fresh fruit. There’s also the added bonus that you can get some really killer fall photos of your family.

Play in the Leaves

I asked my 5 year old to tell me what would be the funnest thing we could do as a family this fall. His response? Play in the leaves. It just goes to show that sometimes the things that make the best family memories don’t have to cost a thing. We have a great memory of going on a walk together as a family a few years ago in late fall. During our walk we came across a field with a huge pile of leaves that had fallen from the surrounding trees. We had a blast just swimming through the leaves and throwing them up in the air. I’ve always wished that I’d had my camera on me to capture that moment but there was something so special about this impromptu play session and it’s been forever engrained on my memory, even without a picture to show for it.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch

A visit to the pumpkin patch is a must on your fall to-do list. You’ll probably find that your local pumpkin patch has way more to offer than just pumpkins. In the past, we’ve visited pumpkin patches that included bounce houses, corn mazes, and fresh fall treats. The pumpkin patch is always one of the highlights of fall for my kids so I make sure that we make it happen each year.

Make a Fall Craft

pumpkin craftDecorating for each holiday is a wonderful way for kids to see the passage of the seasons and learn how to get excited about all the small moments in our lives. Why not get your kids involved with decorating and let them make a centerpiece for your table or a holiday wreath? The process is just as much fun as the final result and your kids will love getting creative and contributing to the holiday atmosphere in your home.

We have a few favorites that we make every year:

 Bake Together as a Family

I’ll admit that I’m all about the food when it comes to . . . well, anything and fall is no exception. The smell of a pumpkin treat baking does more to invoke feelings of autumn for me than just about anything else. Take the time to bake together as a family. The process may be slower but you’ll be able to take the time to enjoy the moment and your kids will love it. For toddlers and preschoolers, a Learning Tower is an absolute must-have in the kitchen. I spend a lot of time cooking with my kids and the Learning Tower allows them to get right up to the counter safely.

What are your favorite family activities for fall?

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