Babies grow up way too fast! I love to capture the memories through photographs and words so I can hang onto those moments long after they are gone.

Unfortunately, finding the time to actually do those things can be a challenge and while my kids each have a traditional baby book, it’s embarrassing how empty they are.

These fun alternatives to a traditional baby book are a great way to document your baby’s first year:

Keep a Journal for your Baby – I’m an avid journaler (or at least I was before I had kids) and one of the things I really wanted to do for my kids was keep a journal documenting important milestones and memories. I’ve been less than prolific when it comes to actually putting this into practice but I do have a separate journal for each of my kids that I’ve written down some of the most important milestones and memories of their first year and beyond.

First year CalendarKeep a First Year Calendar – One of the best gifts I got as a new mom years ago was a cute little First Year Calendar that was designed to record each of baby’s milestones throughout the first year. I didn’t have much time for a traditional baby book as I adjusted to being a mom, but I could quickly write down “took first bath” or “sat up alone” on the calendar so I could remember it down the road.

Take a Monthly Milestone Photo – Babies grow so quickly and it’s fun to see the changes that aren’t apparent when you see them everyday. Take a photo of your baby each month for the first year so you can look back on how much she’s changed. Compare size by taking a picture of your baby next to a doll or stuffed animal so that it’s easier to see the difference.

Create a First Year Photo Book – I don’t have the time or talent for scrapbooking but I love having a place to keep all those photos I take of my kids. Use an online photo book service to create a quick and easy first year photo book. You can separate this out by milestones or months and easily make copies to share with the grandparents.

Keep a Video Journal – If you want a quick way to capture life as it is, think about keeping a video journal of baby’s first year. Sit your baby on your lap once a month or so and have someone film you while you talk about all the exciting new things that have happened in your baby’s life. Your baby might even chime in and share a few of her new tricks on camera.


How do you document your baby’s first year?



3 Responses to 5 Fun Ways to Document Baby’s First Year

  1. Catherine says:

    These are great ideas. Unfortunately, it seems as though my blog, instagram and Facebook timeline are going to end up being the official written record of my daughter’s first year.

  2. Kelly Kane says:

    Hi Rachel! Great post! I love the idea of taking monthly photos since our little ones change so quickly!

    A friend of mine and I are in the same boat as you when it comes to finding the time to actually chronicle our kid’s firsts and favorite family memories. So we decided to do something about it. 🙂

    We’re launching an iPhone app in February called memorEbook that will help us busy mom’s chronicle those favorite memories while we’re on the go.

    We capture so many memories with our smartphones right now anyway, so we figured this just makes sense. 🙂 Plus, why jot down our baby’s milestones in a static baby book, when more than likely you have a video or photo of that memory.

    Anyway, we hope you check us out! More info can be found at Cheers! 🙂

  3. Elaina says:

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas! My husband and I created an app called Kidlee that you can use on the web or with your iPhone to quickly and easily save and selectively share baby memories, funny kid quotes and photos. Please check it out at!

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