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Babies learn by touching things, smelling things, eating things. They love to use their senses to explore the world around them. That’s great in theory, but as a mom faced with a child who puts everything in sight in their mouth, it can seriously keep you on your toes.

These easy sensory activities will allow your baby to use all of her senses in a safe way. These also make great photo opportunities for your little one’s baby book!

Crawling on Butcher Paper – We get long pieces of butcher paper as packing material in packages all the time. My baby loves it when we lay the paper on the floor and let her crawl across it. She loves the crunch crunch crunch of the paper, and having to lift her arms and legs high enough to crawl over the bunched up paper is a great large motor activity, as well.

Finger Paint in Pudding – Art projects with babies can be tricky because we all know that anything you put in front of them is going to go in their mouths. Solve that problem by creating edible finger paint out of pudding or mashed potatoes. Baby will have a blast!

Create a Sand Sensory Table – I love using sensory tables filled with beans when my kids are preschoolers, but beans are a chocking hazard for infants. Instead, fill a small plastic bucket (I like using the ones that are designed for under the bed storage because they have low sides) with sand. Throw in a few empty yogurt containers and other baby friendly toys, and you have a great sensory experience that your baby will love.

Try a New Food – Babies love using their sense of taste, so you might as well give them something that tastes good. I’ve never been a fan of store-bought baby food, but I love blending up some of our favorite foods for baby to try. Change the texture up for older babies to create a new experience.

Have a Bubble Bath – Most babies love any sort of water play, which is great since most of the things babies do require a bath afterwards. You can change things up by adding some gentle bubble bath like the Mustela Multi-Sensory Bubble Bath to the bath water and let baby play. I skip over the baby bathtub 9 times out of 10 and just get in with my baby, so she can play safely, and we get some relaxing one-on-one time together.

What sensory activities does your baby love?




3 Responses to 5 Fun Sensory Games for Infants

  1. What great ideas! I can’t wait till Punkin is crawling so I can try the butcher paper, never thought of that one.

  2. Kate, my babies have all loved that. Bubble wrap is another fun one if you have a big enough piece to crawl on.

  3. […] mentioned a few of my favorite sensory activities for babies before, but one of the reasons I love sensory activities is because babies learn so much by using […]

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