Whether you hire a photographer or just snap some pics on your smart phone, getting the perfect family shot for the holiday card is always hard! So here are some tips to make sure your family looks its best in the annual holiday family photo.


Decide on a theme that represents your family

Your family has its own personality, and that should always shine through in your photos. Maybe your family’s silly. Serious? Outdoor enthusiasts? Disney fans? So whether you all don pajamas or wear your best “ugly” sweater, find a theme  everyone will have fun finding the perfect outfit for.


Embrace complementing colors

It doesn’t always have to be the classic red and green. In fact, navy and burgundy look fabulous together. Or, go with the rustic and trendy chambray (jean) and cream. Whatever you decide, choosing two to three colors that complement each other will make your photos look very well-coordinated.


Dress for comfort

Wearing a tight skirt when you plan to be sitting on the ground with small kids on your lap is a recipe for disaster! And you just KNOW if you make your 3-year-old wear that itchy sweater he will be yanking and pulling on it in every single shot. So think about what you plan to be doing in your photo shoot: sitting, standing, walking on the beach, climbing trees. Plan your outfits accordingly!



Shy away from patterns

Busy patterns don’t photograph well in family photos. They tend to look too cluttered and end up clashing with the background. So stick to solid colors or very subtle prints or textures for a clean-looking photo.


Don’t forget accessories!

For women, think long necklaces, scarfs and earrings. The rule of thumb is wearing long earrings if you plan to wear your hair up and wearing studs or short earrings if you wear your hair down. For the guys, it can be fun to throw on a plaid scarf or newsies hat. Also, the kids could have a ton of fun with gloves and mittens!


So play around and enjoy! As a result, you’ll have a holiday family photo the whole family can be proud of.

Tips provided by StitchFix Stylist Karianna Frey.

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