Wow! Is anyone else finding it hard to believe that it’s October already?! I clearly can’t get over how fast time is going, but at any rate, I’m SO ready for fall! I think it’s my favorite season– college football, the upcoming holidays, cooler weather, beautiful colors, awesome food! It’s all so great and lends itself well for doing lots of fun family activities!

So, here are 5 “must-do” family activities in October:

1. Visit a pumpkin patch. We’ve made a family tradition out of this and I love it! There are quite a few different options near us and we’ve made it a point to try a new one each year. The kids love it and for me, there is just something about photography the little ones with pumpkins! It makes for the cutest photos!

2.  Have a family game night, while enjoying cups of apple cider (or other great fall treats). ‘Tis the season for all things apple and pumpkin! Get the whole family involved in making some homemade applesauce or a pumpkin pie. Need some other ideas? Check out my fall-favorites pin board!

3. Make some nature-inspired crafts/decor. Between acorns, apples, pumpkins, branches, and fall leaves, there are so many great ways to incorporate nature into fun crafts and projects.  Kids love apple stamping! And, why not make some fun fall leaves placemats?!

4. Prep the fireplace, check the furnace/heater, and go over a fire plan with your family. October is Fire Prevention Month. So, while these activities might not be the most fun, they’re important ones. Use this month to check over potential fire dangers in your home and practice your family’s fire/emergency plan!

5. Go see the fall foliage! Some of you probably need to only walk outside your front door to experience this. But, for others, it’s something that you need to seek out (like us, living in the desert southwest)! When we do find ourselves in the beautiful changing colors, I love taking the boys on leaf collecting walks! It’s so fun to hunt for different sizes, shapes, and colors!


What are YOUR family’s favorite fall activities?


9 Responses to 5 family activities to do in October

  1. Andrea Kruse says:

    #1 is a personal favorite of mine since we have a farm and pumpkin patch. I would add, take a pumpkin/hay ride if possible. Also be sure to go apple picking and at least once, go to watch a cider press or attend a cider press party. So much fun!

  2. How fun! Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Great pointers and adorable photos!

  3. 2wired2tired says:

    I love your pictures, the first set is adorable and the second is beautiful! We love doing these things for fall too especially picking pumpkins. The kids always have so much fun with that.

  4. kasandria says:

    I too think you should visit a pumpkin patch. They are just too much fun!

  5. Jenn says:

    I don’t know if I’ve ever been to a pumpkin patch – I need to find out if they have them in Miami!

  6. Fall is such an awesome time of year, these are all great ideas!

  7. We do all of these activities! I love fall!

  8. What a great collection of ideas! Fall is my FAVORITE time of year and I am just chomping at the bit for our trip to MN to see the fall leaves and do the hay ride/apple picking with Little Man. Hopefully we will have some fun photos to share soon too. : )

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