35+ Non-Food Stocking Stuffers //rightstart.comThe holiday season is full of sweets, treats and special meals at every turn! The focus on all this food can be hard for a family trying to limit the amount of sweets their little ones get. There always seems to be cake, cookies, candy and hot chocolate involved in every event we attend at this time of year. And there is always someone looking to give your baby or toddler treats, right? As a parent, I try to use non-food items as treats instead of sugary sweets whenever possible because all the available sugar and junk food add up quickly. Filling kids’ stockings with non-food stocking stuffers can help to combat the seemingly unlimited amount of sweets and junk food available to them. It’s fun to try and find little items that are creative and fun instead of just loading up their stockings with chocolates and candies.

35+ Non Food Stocking Stuffers for Babies and Toddlers


Non-Toxic Finger Paint


Headbands and Hair Bows



Stuffed Animals

Egg Shakers

Board Books

Finger Puppets


Small Baby Doll

Bath Toys 


Snack Cup

Fun Pacifiers

Stacking Cups

Teething Toys

Tooth Brush


Tegu Magnetic Blocks

Little People Toys

Leg Warmers


Pull Toys

Rubber Duck

Cold Weather Hat


Fun Utensils

Cloth Book


Sippy Cup

Hooded Bath Towel

Soft Hair Brush

Wooden Stacking Toy 

Slippers or Booties

Fun or Seasonal Bib

What are some of your favorite non-food stocking stuffers for kids?

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