“You’re Joking?!” I believe these were my exact words when my husband checked the pregnancy test 6 weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited and was not completely surprised because we were trying. I just was surprised by how quickly our trying worked (thank goodness, I know).

After the shock settled, everything began to make sense: why I felt exhausted, nauseous and why I thought I was getting the flu. With the realization came the fear of knowing what to expect, especially since I did not enjoy my last pregnancy (but LOVED the result).

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Some ‘people’ told me the second pregnancy is easier; these ‘people’ are liars. Well, in my case, they are liars. Unfortunately, even at 15 weeks, I am still hugging the porcelain goddess on a regular basis. Fingers crossed this time it does not last well into my third trimester.

Not only did I fear knowing the effect of being pregnant on my body, but the fear of how baby no. 2 will change the dynamic of my family.

We are in a routine with Ford (who is now 13 months). My husband and I are a strong team, and since there are two of us to one baby, we can always grab a break when we need it. With baby no. 2, we will be in a man on man defense and from what I hear that means no down time.

Ford sleeps 11 hours straight, how will I get used to waking up every 2 hours when number 2 arrives? How will I do this while chasing a toddler, 80lb dog, and working full time? The fear begins to grow.

Will Ford feel just as much loved? Will I have enough time to give Ford quality one-on-one time, which I believe is important for each child to have? Will I be a good mother, not stressed but my normal happy self, with two children under the age of 2? Will I have time for me? Time to exercise? Will I have time for my husband and our relationship?

These are the questions that flood my mind.

BUT… along with my fear comes my excitement! I loved being so close in age with my two older brothers. I consider them my best friends and would not change this for the world. I’m excited to grow my family and watch my two children play, become friends and grow up together. I’m excited to watch my husband with both of them, because watching him with Ford already melts my heart. I look forward to taking them on adventures with my husband and showing them the world we love so much. I can only imagine watching them ski, play sports, ride bikes and do so much more that my husband and I just love to do.

So, all you moms out there with multiple children….. HELP! I’d love advice or words of encouragement!


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  1. Congratulations! Number 2 was the easiest transition for me. You still have a hand for each kid and you already know what you are doing.

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