We just celebrated my little guy’s first birthday party with a fun party theme, his first bite of cake, and some fun presents! Sometimes finding the right gift to celebrate that special milestone can be difficult. Even though this is our third little guy, we struggled with what (if any) birthday present(s) we’d like for him. So, to help any of you that might be in need of a 1st birthday present or holiday gift for a one year old, this list should help get you started!

1st Birthday Gift Ideas

    1. Baby walker. With babies transitioning into toddler-hood and just starting to walk, push walkers are a great option.
    2. Busy Ball DropMy boys love toys like this! Anything where they can watch a ball slide, pop up, move around, etc. is usually a hit at this age!
    3. Xylophone. I have a musical background, so I love developmental musical toys! The classic xylophone is a favorite!
    4. Step ‘n Play Piano. Speaking of fun musical toys, babies and toddlers would love the Step ‘n Play Piano. How fun to be able to stand and make music!
    5. Animal Stack Alphabet Zoo. Plush animals & toys are certainly popular with many kids in this age group. But, instead of just a regular ole stuffed animal, why not have it be a little more fun and educational?! The plush animal stackers certainly fit the bill!
    6. Nest and StackIf plush isn’t your style, more classic stackers are always great gifts for this age group as they start to develop that skill.
    7. Large Knob PuzzlesSimple puzzles are great to start introducing during the 12-24 month age range and the large knobs are easy for little toddlers to hold on to!
    8. Bath ToysDuring this year, bath time gets so much more fun as kids’ motor skills improve and they can sit/move around better in the water. So, bath toys are a great choice!
    9. First Words Board BooksAs little toddlers start talking, board books with simple pictures and first words are perfect!
    10. Inchworm CubesThis is a unique gift and would be GREAT for little ones working on their gross motor skills. My boys (even the ones WAY older than 1) would LOVE crawling around with the inchworm cubes!

What are your favorite gifts for a 1st birthday?





2 Responses to 10 great 1st birthday gifts!

  1. Holley says:

    When I was a baby I loved anything that I could watch move, so your number 2 would have been perfect for me! Great post!

  2. jessica walters says:

    Great work Sara ! Specially when your mother of 3 children…..superb.

    I am a new mother of a baby boy and one friend of mine gave me a baby gift basket which contained all the baby stuff like baby oil, powder, shampoo etc and i loved it. It was really cute and whosoever used to visit me, they used to enquire about the little basket. have a look at it and let me know how you find it http://www.cadbaskets.com/a-star-is-born-baby-bag-blue/ .

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