Halloween is such a great excuse to get creative- especially with food. Some people tend to go really gory, gross, and/or scary for Halloween, but I’ve never been into any of that. Those haunted houses and such…YUCK! And, with three little boys in the house, I especially don’t like exposing them to any of that. Instead, I like to make fun decorations and foods with classic not-so-scary things like pumpkins, cute ghosts, and “creepy creatures”. We’re big fans of bats, spiders, black cats, birds, etc. Oh…and with three little boys, you can’t forget monsters. Again, not scary, gross ones–you know, ones more like something straight out of Disney’s Monsters University.

The boys love helping in the kitchen and any “fun foods”. Whether it’s a sugary treat or something healthy, I find that the kids are always so much more excited (and eat the food better) when it’s got a fun theme. So, for Halloween, I rounded up over 15 great not-so-scary fun foods that your kid are sure to love. Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack or sweet treat, you should find some great inspiration here! And the best part is almost all of these recipes are no-bake and very easy to make!  15+ Halloween fun foods for kids

  1. Spider Web Snacks
  2. Veggie Jack-o-Lantern
  3. Ghost sandwiches
  4. Bat & Pumpkin Pops
  5. Monster Apples
  6. Monster Smoothies
  7. Fried Spiders
  8. Boo-licious Brownies
  9. Easy Candy Monsters
  10. Halloween Candy Trees
  11. Marshmallow Ghost Pops
  12. Ding Dong Bat Pops
  13. Owl Smores
  14. Chocolate Spider Crackers
  15. Jack-o-Lantern Fruit Cups
  16. Pumpkin Rice Krispie Treats
  17. Frankenstein Pudding Cups

So many fun ideas, right?! I have a few new ones on my list to make next week!

What Halloween fun foods would YOUR kids enjoy?

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