The other day, a friend mentioned that she was having trouble coming up with memorable, but easy to pull together, family traditions for winter and the holiday season. There are so many ideas other there but many of them take a lot of planning and effort. Traditions don’t have to be hard or time consuming to be great. In fact I personally think that some of the most simply planned traditions are them most memorable and fun. With that in mind I’ve pulled together 15 simple and fun winter family traditions you can easily pull together to enjoy family time this winter.

15 Easy Winter Family Traditions

1. Cuddle up together and read the Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve. You can also read holiday and winter related books throughout the month of December, similarly to the Christmas Book Countdown my family does each year.

holiday book reading

2. Open up one present on Christmas Eve. Some families may enjoy having each person pick one present from under the tree to open. In our house the kids open up their matching pajamas to wear that night.

3. Learn and play the Dreidel game.

4. Make a batch of tasty cookies or yummy treats to eat or to share.

holiday treats for toddlers to make 2

5. Learn about winter celebrations around the world. Books, movies, meals, and crafts are great ways to learn about any number of winter holidays including Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Years Day, Saint Nicholas Day and Boxing Day.

6. Celebrate the Winter Solstice by spending time outside, lighting luminaries, or decorating a neighborhood evergreen tree with birdseed ornaments.

7. Pull out blankets and pillows and set up a family camp-out under the light of the Christmas tree.

8. Take a wintry drive to see the holiday sights. Snow, decorations, lights, and festivities are great to sight-see from your car especially with warm to-go mugs of hot chocolate.

9. Make the time for gratitude and sit down together and write holiday thank you notes as a family.

10. Sit down as a family and write out family goals for the new year.

tips for planning for the new year as a family

11. Decorate your tree with New Years decorations to celebrate New Years Eve and get a little more enjoyment out of your seasonal decorations. Streamers, party poppers, beads, and balloons make great New Years Tree decorations.

12. Have a holiday music dance party. What kid would have fun dancing around to Frosty the Snowman?

13. Decorate a gingerbread house. There are gingerbread kits galore in just about every store this time of year.

14. Candles are an important part of many winter celebrations. Bring warmth and light into your home by making your own candles. Even little ones can help out.

15. Make it a tradition to give to others. With your families beliefs in mind pick a way to give gifts for those less fortunate and teach your children about charity and giving.
how to teach kids about giving, generosity and charity


What simple winter traditions do you enjoy with your family?


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