Helloooooo Moms! Even though my own website is dedicated to keeping life as focused and ‘fabulous’ as possible, I always find myself thinking I wish I knew that before having kids… So today, I’ve got a quiz for you: How many of these ‘things I wish knew before having a baby’ match up in your life? I know I’m not alone…

1) Elmo, Daniel Tiger, Tinkerbell and other fictional personalities would soon become my morning television anchors. (Thank goodness for Twitter, otherwise I don’t think I’d get my news.)

Tink & Silvermist Morning TV: Can ya at least tell me the weather?

Tink & Silvermist Morning TV: Can ya at least tell me the weather?

2) Trips to the ATM would multiply, for all the cash required for babysitters these days. ($10 an hour?!? $15 if you want them to clean up a bit?!? Is this just in LA?)

3) That squeezing in a salon appointment might sometimes take the shape of a toddler-fest.

NOTHING can stop me when I need hair color.

NOTHING can stop me when I need hair color.

4) I’d never be able to eat chocolate or ice cream or candy again without having to give some of it up… sometimes in the presence of a potty.

5) A good night’s sleep is the most perfect and wonderful thing to happen ever… on those occasions when it does happen.

6) I’d find myself yelling “Get your hands out of the toilet!” at a 1 year old on a daily basis.

7) I’d wish that I’d had kids sooner – when I was a bit younger – so that I’d have more time to spend with them, my mom and my grandmothers.

FOUR generations! (My sister/niece, Mom, both Grandmas)

FOUR generations! (My sister/niece, Mom, both Grandmas)

8) I’d spend more time cleaning up meals rather than actually making them. PROOF HERE. (Still happening.)

All these things… and yet I still feel like the luckiest gal in the world… (as we all do… the magic of motherhood).

So fess up! How’d you do? Got me outnumbered?

What Do You Wish You Knew Before Having a Baby?



Jill Simonian is a Television Host, Entertainment Journalist and Founder/Author of TheFabMom. Having two "surprise" baby girls in two years (September 2010 & March 2012) she contributes to ModernMom, Momversation, BlogHer, has guest-blogged for BabyCenter and was a co-host for the 2011 web series HerSay alongside Soleil Moon Frye. Jill's day jobs have included on-camera work for CNN/HLN's "Showbiz Tonight", Travel Channel, KTLA-5 (Los Angeles), ReelzChannel, the UK's popular ITV morning shows "Daybreak" & "Lorraine" and more. Jill lives in Los Angeles with her husband and girls, and has a blast trying to keep life ‘fabulous' after having babies.

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  1. How much I would have to work on myself! Man those babies are like little mirrors to everything you want to do better about yourself.

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