August, with its warm days, makes me think of gardens overflowing with veggies and flowers, swimming pools, sunny beaches, farm fields filled with tall stalks of corn, and Farmer’s Markets filled with treats of all sorts. August just is the definition of summer to me. Even with all the fun summery things to get out and do with your children, it’s still important to spend time reading with your little ones every day. Reading is incredibly important to child development. The American Academy of Pediatrics encourages parents to read early and often because “reading, as well as talking and singing, is viewed as important in increasing the number of words that children hear in the earliest years of their lives.” Reading with your child introduces them to new words, ideas, art, and experiences. And if you are looking to raise a reader, reading early and often is key.

In honor of lovely August summer days, why not bring summer into reading time with your kids. It will be time well-spent while enjoying fun summer themes.

10 Summertime books to enjoy with you toddler

1. Growing a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

Summer Reading

2. Mouse’s First Summer by Lauren Thompson

3. The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle

summer reading 4

4. Beach Bugs by David A. Carter

5. I Spy the Sun in the Sky by Stella Blackstone

6. At the Beach By Anne Rockwell

Summer reading 3

7. We’re Going to the Farmer’s Market by Stefan Page

8. Little Baseball by Brad Herzog

9. Baby Loves Summer by Karen Katz

summer reading 2

10. Are you My Baby: Garden by Lorena Siminovich

All of these summertime books for toddlers come in board book form and offer fun glimpses into summertime, colorful illustrations and fun adventures. They are sure to entertain both parents and little ones.

How much time do you spend reading to your baby or toddler every day? What are your favorite summer-themed toddler and baby books to read with your little one?

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