The recent week’s news of the birth of a prince George Alexander Louis- future heir to the throne of England- was everywhere. It was impossible to miss the hubbub surrounding the birth. All this attention has me thinking about what being pregnant with, giving birth to and subsequently mothering a future king- or queen- would be like. After a little thought, I’m confident in saying I’m glad I’m not the mother to a prince, and you should be too.

mothering a prince

1.The nonstop media attention in the weeks leading up the birth of the royal baby was intense. Can you imagine people camping outside of the hospital your set to give birth at in the weeks leading up to your due date? Yikes!

2. Scrutiny over everything from pregnancy fashion to birth location was over the top. Thankfully no one really questioned our choice to have our first baby at the hospital and a home birth for our second.

3. Non-stop pressure to look good. Goodness, how much attention did the Duchess of Cambridge get over how good she looked when she introduced her sweet baby to throngs of journalists, well-wishers and paparazzi? Who wants to think about putting on a pair of heels just after giving birth?

4. Speaking of  introducing the prince to the world, beyond a Facebook status and some phone calls and visitors most moms get to skip making a grand introduction. A few visitors here and there with their point and shoot cameras are definitely better than a gigantic group of reporters shouting questions and rapidly snapping photographs.

5. Something like a car seat mistake made by William and Kate as they left the hospital gets new coverage, with all the people of the world offering up their opinions. It’s absolutely important to safely secure your baby in their car seat. It’s also normal for brand new parents to make some mistakes. Parenting is a learning process, be thankful no one is going over our parenting slip-ups with a fine-tooth comb.

6. The idea of being in the same room as the Queen scares me even though It’s unlikely I will ever be in that situation. The meer thought of giving birth to her great-grandson is panic inducing. Need I say more?

7. The world remembers Princess Diana as a perfect mother and living up to the beloved princess who died too soon would be a huge weight to carry. More than most new moms should have to handle.

8. Following royal naming traditions is boring and takes all the fun out of bestowing a name on your baby. I’m no fan of wacky names or weird spellings but I want the freedom to pick names not found on a pre-approved royal list.

9. Small children are messy and hard on things. Can you imagine having little hands and feet in a palace? I’d drive myself crazy trying to stop all the potential stains and scratches.

10. It’s hard to shield your child from the relentless harshness in the world without even being a royal. Imagine trying to shield your child from the world when they basically live under a microscope with the public and the paparazzi following their every move.

Do you think parenting a royal is all it’s cracked up to be?

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