When preparing for you little bundle of joy there are so many questions to answer. Where will she sleep? What will you name her? Do you plan to breastfeed or bottle-feed? One major question is: How will you keep your baby safe from newborn to toddler and beyond?

What better time than registering to think about babyproofing your home and the best babyproofing items to keep your baby safe as they grow? Getting your home ready for your baby is an important task that can sometimes feel overwhelming. So let me be your guide and fill you in on the 10 must-have babyproofing items. Then you can head right over to your registry and add them on there and breathe a sigh of relief knowing you’ve got this very important task covered.

10 Must-have babyproofing items to add to your registry

10 Must-Have Babyproofing Items to Add to Your Registry

1. Door Knob Lock – Covering doorknobs lets door knob locks keep little ones out of unsafe rooms even if they know how to open a door on their own.

2. Universal Outlet Covers– Instead of outlet plugs, universal outlet covers are easier to use and don’t require you to take plug-in and out in order to use your electrical sockets.

3. Cabinet and Drawer Locks – Keep cabinets and drawers with harmful items locked up so little ones can’t get in.

4. Shopping Cart Cover – Add some cushion around your baby while you’re at the store, help prop them up in the cart, and also protect them from germs.

5. Anti-Tip Furniture Straps – Keep heavy furniture from becoming a potential hazard with straps that anchor furniture to the wall.

6. Digital Baby Monitor – Baby monitors enable you to hear baby even when you cannot be in the room with them.

7. No-Trip Gate  – Make your baby gate safer by eliminating the hazard of tripping over the bottom bar.

8. Stove Knob Covers – Toddlers love to reach high and grab and manipulate whatever they can. Stove knob covers eliminate their ability to turn or engage the stove knobs.

9. Bath Faucet Cover  – Hard metal faucet covers are a like magnets for the heads of little squirmy kiddos in the bathtub. Faucet covers protect from bumps by covering the faucet.

10. Automatically Closing Baby Gate – Keep baby away from stair or out of rooms that are unsafe. Adjustable gates ensure that your baby gate will fit in your doorway.


Do you have a must-have babyproofing item to add to the list?

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