I’ve always thought of creativity as a sort of muscle that gets stronger the more it’s used. Creativity can have a huge impact on a toddlers learning and development. Art and crafts are an easy way to introduce creativity into your child’s day. Little ones love creating with even the most simple of art tools and supplies. Some basic arts supplies on hand will help you exercise your child’s creativity muscle.

While there are lots of structured craft and activity ideas floating around, it’s also a great idea to set out some supplies and let your little one’s imagination take over to create little masterpieces. With the supplies listed below, you’ll have a great mix give your child endless opportunities to create, imagine and explore. Not to mention that art is a great place to foster good fine motor skills, sensory learning and exposure to colors, shapes and more.

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10 Must-Have Art Supplies for Toddlers

Play Dough – Play dough on it’s own is great for helping to build hand strength add in some cookie cutters or simple utensils and kids will have endless fun.

Washable Tempera Paint – I’ve never met a kid that didn’t like putting paint to paper.

Cookie Cutters – I know cookies cutters may be a surprising suggestion, but cookie cutters can be stencils, dipped in paint and they’re stamps, play dough tools and more.

Pom-Poms – Little balls of fluff are more than embellishments or the building blocks of caterpillars. Pinched between the ends of a clothes pin, they make a paintbrush, and the soft feel is great for an added sensory experience, too.

Googly Eyes – Who doesn’t love googly eyes? Add them to anything for an element of fun.

Glue – White school glue and glue sticks are good to have on hand.

Construction Paper – Pads of construction paper are inexpensive, easy to come by and add a whole new layer to the creative possibilities.

Crayons –  Basic crayons are always a must-have.

Washable Markers – I’ve seen it a million times. Toddlers love markers. Probably because they are usually handed crayons to color with. Markers are magical.

Washable Water Color Paint – Not only does water color paint have a different look than tempera paint, it combines with other things like crayons or salt to make beautiful works of art.

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