Things-To-Do-Before-You-Deliver-Post-ImageYesterday was my 30-week check-up…where did the time go? I cannot believe I am in my third trimester and have 10+ weeks to go. Now I am consumed with all the items left to do on my checklist: finish the nursery, find pediatrician, wash baby clothes and sheets, finish house projects, and so on…

However, I realized after talking to friends, there are a few FUN things I MUST do before my little man arrives in July. These are non-stress, fun tasks that I am looking forward to checking off my list.

  1. Girls Night Sleepover– Once the baby arrives, you won’t have much time for all of your girlfriends. So kick your husband out of the house, rent a chick-flick and plan a girls night for you and your closest friends.
  2. Spa Day- This can be either with your spouse or a friend. I recommend going all out – get a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure. Just because you are having a baby, it doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy (If you can get a massage with a chair/table that has a hole for your belly…. I’ve heard it’s AMAZING).
  3. Get your Hair Done- Time will not be on your side once the baby arrives so get your hair cut and styled…. again, just because you are becoming a mom is no reason to let yourself go… If you look beautiful, you will feel beautiful.
  4. Date Night- THIS IS A MUST & MORE THAN ONCE! Get dressed up and spend a romantic night with your spouse, it is always important to work on your relationship and let your spouse know you love them and appreciate them.
  5. Splurge on Something Nice for yourself- Buy yourself something nice, maybe a pair of shoes, new bag, or a piece of jewelry. Get something that, no matter what, will make you feel wonderful.
  6. Get your house cleaned- This may not sound “fun” but I believe “A Clean House is a Happy House” especially when you don’t have to clean it!
  7. Shop for a Coming Home Outfit for your Little One- Buy an adorable outfit and build up the excitement to meet your little one….. I say splurge on it, too!
  8. Create a Birth Announcement- Pick out a birth announcement so it will be easy to insert a picture of your new addition and send to all your friends and family….. You need to show off your beautiful/handsome creation. I have already chosen one through Tiny Prints.
  9. Make Daddy Feel Special- This list seems to be all about you but don’t forget about Daddy! He has been supporting you throughout this pregnancy. Make him a New Dad Package to show him your appreciation. Include some fun items such as a local beer or a golf day.
  10. Go on a Babymoon- This might be the one I am most excited for. Take a road trip to somewhere close so you can spend a weekend relaxing and bonding with your spouse.

 What are some fun things you did before your baby arrived or are planning to do?


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