I LOVE a good party and especially one with a great, creative theme! Themed details can really make a great event. Strangely, the way things have worked out, I’ve never had a big themed shower myself, nor have I actually been to many baby showers. But, of the ones that I have experienced, my favorites have been ones with cute themes! So, I rounded up 10 creative shower theme ideas from around the web. It’s a great variety–some really elaborate, some simple, some for boys, some for girls, and some gender neutral.

Creative Baby Shoer Themes

1. If you have a golf-lover or are just looking for a cute sports-themed shower for a baby boy, then this golf-themed shower has some great ideas!

2. Cupcakes are cute & sweet little desserts. So, why not do a whole shower theme around it?! Check out this cupcake shower and all the awesome flavors of cupcakes served at the shower!

3. I love clever party names, so I think “Cirque-du-Bebe” is super creative and fun!

4. How about a whole shower theme planned around the baby’s name?! In this case, Baby Brooklyn made for a very unique baby shower theme!

5. I think there is something so special about old, classic baby items. So, a vintage baby shower theme can make for a very sweet shower!

6. Our oldest’s nursery was all jungle themed. So, I would have absolutely loved this jungle themed baby shower! While you’re there, you can also snag this free printable! Baby Shower Printable

7. A classic toy like a sock monkey can make for a great theme to plan around. And, this sock monkey baby shower from Project Nursery was styled perfectly!

8. Have you been to any co-ed baby showers?! I think this idea is great. And, what better theme for a co-ed shower than a “BabyQ“?! Any shower that has the men drinking from baby bottles MUST have been a great time! ;) Co-ed baby shower

9. A simple shower theme around the mom-to-be can prove to be really fun too. In this “She’s About to Pop” shower, there are SO many fun details!

10. And, last but certainly not least, Dr. Seuss lends itself to a whole myriad of fun ideas! “Oh the Places You’ll Go” is such a sweet theme! And, while you’re on that post, you can also learn how to make some cute pinwheels! DIY Pinwheels
What are some of the creative baby shower themes you’ve seen?


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7 Responses to 10 Creative Baby Shower Theme Ideas

  1. ike2010 says:

    i love the sock mom baby shower idea! it’s great!

  2. […] kind of baby showers do you like? Simple? Elaborate? Fun? Creative? There are so many different baby shower ideas out there! Since I’m a mama of all boys, I decided to round up some sweet & fun baby […]

  3. It is the great ideas ………………

  4. umeshkr says:

    lovely post….
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  5. […] kind of baby showers do you like? Simple? Elaborate? Fun? Creative? There are so many different baby shower ideas out there! Since I’m a mama of all boys, I decided to round up some sweet & fun baby shower […]

  6. Bree says:

    it is so sweet, thanks for sharing

  7. Can you please make a video on how to make a baby diaper cake? thanks

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