You’re not supposed to plan your own baby shower, but it’s certainly okay to pick out a theme that you’d like. As our first baby girl is making an appearance soon, it’s almost time for the baby shower! When my friend asked what theme I would like, I said “Pink!” It doesn’t sound very creative, but I know she’ll make something awesome out of it. With three boys at home all I want is the pinkest, girliest baby shower I can get.

Although I picked something seemingly simple, there are tons of great themes to choose from all over the web. If you’re in need of some inspiration to shower a special baby girl, I’ve got you covered. I went through and picked out ten really adorable and fun baby shower themes for girls.

ten baby shower themes for girls


1. Sugar & Spice

2. Sweet Baby Girl

3. Pink Ballerina

4. Showered with Love

5. French Market

6. Garden Party

7. Ribbons and Ruffles

8. Brown and Pink

9. Colorful Confetti

10. Look Whooo’s Having a Baby

girl baby shower themes


Aren’t they so adorable? It makes me want to have ten more baby girls. I love that not all of them are overly pink but still manage to be girly. Of course, for mine I want it girly. It doesn’t have to be super elaborate though, just a few simple touches to tie the theme together and you’ve got a fun party. I can’t wait for it.

What is your favorite shower theme for baby girls?

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