I’m currently planning together my son’s 2nd birthday party, coming up in July. There are so many great options – summer is a wonderful time to have a birthday. Just set everything up outside and let the kids go wild. I’ve put together a list of 10 great summer birthday parties for boys that are sure to inspire you to create an awesome backyard bash.

summer boy birthday parties

1. Bug Hunt Party – What boy doesn’t like bugs? The kids can search and dig for toy bugs or real bugs outside, and then feast on some icky insect-inspired treats – after washing their hands of course!

2. Camping Party – Have your camping party at a local park to make use of their picnic tables and other outdoor amenities.

3. Construction Party – Have a sand box and some bulldozers? Add some caution tape and cones, and you’re on your way to a construction party that the kids will totally dig!

4. Detective Party – Little sleuths will love looking for clues and solving the mystery!

5. Fishing Party – You don’t actually have to go fishing to have a fun fishing party. Tacklebox full of treats – need I say more?

6. Fossil Party – Another party that involves digging. You really can’t go wrong with dirt, and adding some dinosaur fossils makes it even better!

7. Mad Scientist Party – Messy science experiments are a perfect outdoor activity, and kids will go crazy over treats served in test tubes and petri dishes.

8. Messy Party – No need to commit to one activity – do it all! Slime, mud, shaving cream, paint, water, etc. Just make sure to ask parents to bring a change of clothes – for the kids and maybe for themselves too!

9. Mud Run Party – Set up a fun obstacle course with mud and water, and then give the kids medals and food. Everyone wins!

10. Surf’s Up Party – You don’t have to live near the ocean to have an awesome beach party!

awesome summer birthday parties for boys



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  2. Patton says:

    Like this! End month is birthday my litle girl.

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